Day 14: Homeward Bound

This morning Handsworth students gathered at Inage with their suitcases in tow. Our morning consisted of a couple of different activities. First was an English conversations class where students from Inage and Handsworth compared dress code, school timetables, classes and clubs. We continue to learn more and more about the differences and similarities between how we live our daily lives. Secondly, Handsworth students filled in a survey providing feedback on what they thought were the best activities of the second week. This is to help inform the itinerary for next year’s exchange group. After lunch everyone gathered outside for one last group photo. Inage students had to bid farewell to us at that point as they needed to return to class. Then we loaded up the bags, boarded our bus and headed to Narita airport. And that’s where we are now – at the airport, waiting to begin our flight home! For parents checking to see our arrival time, we are on Flight JL018 from Tokyo. We’ve had a wonderful two weeks among some amazing sites and good friends. Looking forward to getting home to see you all!


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Educator & Technologist in North Van District & MEI International Academy. I tweet for students, parents and colleagues. Views are my own.
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