Day 13: Inage Kotogakko

Handsworth students gathered this AM at Inage High School (kotogakko) filled with stories of their Sunday excursions with their homestay families. Today we spent a full day, just as students at Inage do, going from class like any other Japanese student would. We began with a tour of the school to orient ourselves in the building. First period of the day was an English conversation class. Handsworth students were experts at this class! Next, our group divided into 3 separate PE activities. Students selected between judo, kendo or dance. In dance class, Sera won a rock-paper-scissors competition to start class as an icebreaker and was awarded a trophy. After PE was calligraphy where students tried making coloured-inked backgrounds first before learning to write Japanese characters. Next was a crafts class where students designed their own patterns on lacquered chopsticks.

In the evening a farewell party was held in the main school hall. After a buffet dinner put on by the Inage parents everyone got to watch a couple of montage videos on the big screen. One video was from the Inage students visit to Handsworth in October, and the second was a new video made by Inage students showing all the fun activities our students had been up to in Chiba this past week. Kevin and Sera gave a great farewell speech on behalf of the Handsworth students, and the night was capped off with a wonderful dance performance. Commemorative photos were taken and Inage’s Principal Endo gave out certificates representing the completion of the exchange.   And as the evening winded down students were sent off with their homestays for their final night in Japan. Tomorrow we have a half-day at Inage and then begin the long journey home!


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